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LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring on the market today. Other hard surface floor coverings, such as hardwood, and carpet tile, are losing market share.

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Vinyl Flooring  Wilmington

Vinyl Flooring Wilmington NC

Vinyl Flooring Wilmington NC

Is this your first time installing luxury vinyl plank flooring? We have been there, and to be honest, it was a little overwhelming. You ought to figure out the layout, know how to navigate past obstacles, and ignore it if your walls are not level. Numerous concerns can cause your vinyl flooring installation to be delayed. Yet now, Vinyl Flooring Wilmington shows you how to avoid some of the most common novice mistakes.

The Subfloor Is not Leveled.

Making sure your subfloor is level before installing vinyl plank flooring. If you neglect this step, you may end up with floors with gaps between the boards or a click when you walk on them. Start by laying a long bubble level on the flooring to see if they are level. Span across several areas with your level, looking for any dips or humps. When we checked the floors in my room, we discovered a large hump that needed to be addressed.

Vinyl Plank Floors Wilmington advises utilizing the thinset leftover from a tile installation to correct the dip in the floor. A floor patch is a better option because it is easier to feather out. Start by laying down a thinset or floor patch, then spreading it out with a trowel. To level the material, you will pull a strip of wood over it. Continue doing so until your dip is filled in.

Rows with Small Boards at the End

What does not appear to be appealing? At the end of a row, seeing tiny little fragments of wood, however, you may easily prevent this blunder with a bit of forethought. The directions for calculating this should come from your flooring manufacturer, but the concept is simple. You do not want to end a row with less than an 8" when using 4' planks. And simply modifying your starting plank, you can avoid this.

You are Under the Impression that You Will Require a Slew of Expensive Tools.
For all full-width straight cuts, use a miter saw. "But I do not have a fancy miter saw," you might be thinking, "I cannot do this." That is, after all, the blunder. Vinyl flooring has the advantage of being cut with several low-cost instruments. The vinyl can also be cut with the same or similar handsaws. So do not let the lack of fancy tools keep you from succeeding.

Failure to Strictly adhere to the Manufacturer's Recommendations
When we placed vinyl plank flooring in the past, the most common question we had was, "Why did not you put down underlayment?" That is yet another flaw. The underlayment incorporated into the back of the luxury vinyl plank flooring eliminates the need for an additional barrier. If you use one, it truly voids the guarantee. So, listen to your manufacturer's advice and do what they advise.

In finality, Vinyl Flooring Wilmington points out that luxury vinyl plank is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your home while also ensuring that the material lasts a long time. You will like the floor's longevity as long as you keep it in good shape. Are you getting ready to put down vinyl plank flooring in your home? Hopefully, these pointers will make your job a little easier. You can avoid having to replace your vinyl flooring entirely if you maintain it regularly.

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